Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a Beatdown!

If my criticism of Michael Kinsley's piece on libertarianism, figuratively speaking of course, left him with perhaps a black eye and a bit of a bloody nose. Tony at Rolling Doughnut, again, figuratively speaking, hacks him to pieces.

It's too good not to give a direct link to. Well done!

I probably should have hit the problems of knowledge and interest more than I did. Then again, I always think I should have written a better post after I post it.

Maybe I should read some of the stuff on Mike Huben's old site to find a challenge, although what he calls the "clearest indictment of libertarianism" looks like the twisted offspring of a Hymowitz-Kinsley anti-libertarian screed (and both familiar and predictable). It's a bit dated so I'll leave it alone.

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