Friday, January 25, 2008

A Special Thanks to Publius Endures...

for the Carol Moore links that describes some of the history of movement libertarianism and how it all relates to the situation with Ron Paul, etc.

As someone who was rather oblivious to movement libertarianism up until about six months ago (although the deep divides were made much clearer recently), I found her perspective valuable.

Mark's blog post with the Carol Moore articles is here. If you've never read Publius Endures, you should. Therefore, I am not posting direct links to Carol's articles. How coercive ;)

As a sidenote, does anyone know where I can find Lew Rockwell's article on paleolibertarianism (From 1990)? Liberty's online archives date back to 2002. Maybe I'll actually have to go to a library. Eek. :)


Mark said...

Thanks for the link and the plug! I couldn't have done it more shamelessly myself! :)

Donald Douglas said...

Lew Rockwell! No...say it ain't so, ECL?

You've gone over to the dark side!!

East Coast Libertarian said...

Trust me, it ain't so.

All's well.