Friday, January 18, 2008

Random thoughts on a Friday Morning...

Julian Sanchez writes a follow-up blog post regarding some of the comments and criticisms he received by way of the article at Reason co-authored with David Weigel. Sanchez does a good job debunking some of those criticism, and shares many of my sentiments. There's little reason to fisk it since we're pretty much in agreement (although he's far too kind to FormerBeltwayWonk, whose cheap shots at "cosmo-orange-tarians" or whatever the hell term he/she/it's using are absurd (see here)). Julian addresses the "cosmotarian cabal" conspiracy schtick nicely so there's no point in me doing it.

Julian makes a point that I'll reiterate because it's one I've had about all of this. In 1981, I was a third-grader who was the shortest kid in his class and spent my recesses being chased by all the evil little schoolgirls. The Rothbard-Crane split and the squabbling between the Cato and Mises/Rockwell factions never crossed my mind. Hell, when I first discovered libertarian political theory and began to embrace it as my own, I wasn't even aware of these squabbles. Granted, I spent a lot more time perusing the Cato blogs and Reason online than I did Mises or Rockwell although I did and still do visit both of those sites.

I have little use for petty squabbles and less patience for some of the neocon-conspiracy theory mongering that come from certain people. The big picture for me is spreading the belief that liberty matters. What perhaps upset me most about the Reason article was learning that hatred for the state (more specifically, the central government) became more important than the idea of liberty. Like it or not, I find it unacceptable, and it shouldn't take a Beltway-Libertarian-Neocon-Warmonger conspiracy to have to come to that conclusion.

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