Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ok, I'm amused...

Fusionist Libertarian points out Lew Rockwell's appreciation for libertarians who do not support Ron Paul.

Rockwell cites a Dennis Perrin HuffPo post to support his "Eek a mouse!" comment. Of course, Perrin addresses the racism comments, the Kirchik hit piece of the smear job, surveillance state issues, etc. in terms of how liberals should address this problem and does not attempt to address the core concerns of libertarians. Of course, that doesn't stop Rockwell from exaggerating its significance. No surprise.

However, I do appreciate the link to the HuffPo article. There's a relevant passage:

To quote James Ridgeway, liberals can be and often are the meanest motherfuckers around. Criticize any of their scared[sic] beliefs, then watch out. They'll come at you with anything they've got, doesn't matter if it's truthful, accurate, or even sane. American liberals truly feel that they are humanity's Final Word. If you dispute that, you're a bigot, a hater, a piece of slime that deserves only the nastiest treatment. And baby, you'll get it.

Sounds a bit too familiar.

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Terrence C. Watson said...

haha, omg, I missed that. Perrin could be talking about Lew Rockwell and the Ron Paul posse.

Heh, I might have missed it. On the other hand, ol' Lew seems like he'd be incapable of grasping the irony all together.