Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Going for term number three...

Andrew Sullivan writes (referring to Bill Clinton):

It really is time to acknowledge that Clinton is running for a third term - in flagrant violation of the 22d Amendment. He's fighting for unelected power by proxy - just as his wife fought for hers in 1992 and 1996. Their deal is now explicit. And their goal - four terms between them - is in their grasp.

Even I think the first sentence is a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps it's not too unreasonable to discuss the Clintons with respect to the 22nd Amendment. David Boaz did have this to say over at Cato-at-Liberty:

Legally, of course, Hillary Rodham Clinton has not previously served as president. She is no less eligible for election to the presidency than was George W. Bush, the son of a president. But the intent of the 22nd Amendment, the spirit of a presidential term limit, is to ensure that no one person holds that vast power for so long. When the federal government and the presidency were vastly less powerful than today, George Washington thought that a republic should not be led by one man for more than eight years. His example set a standard for the American republic until that republic encountered the powerlust of Franklin D. Roosevelt, after which we made George Washington’s example a legal rule.

Even if I may slightly disagree with Andrew's constitutional interpretation, I share his concern towards a third Clinton term (yes, I think that is a very appropriate way to put it) as well as his contempt towards Bill Clinton. David's comments are also a bit alarming to me considering we have a similar (if not greater) sort of powerlust and a federal government that is exponentially more powerful than it was in 1932.

If there's anyone that could force me to vote for a Republican in November, it would be a Clinton. Trust me, that says a lot.

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