Saturday, January 5, 2008

Does it Really Matter That Much?

William Kristol has joined the editorial staff of the New York Times. Ok. I know a few liberals who are a bit upset by it. I also understand that, not surprisingly, that the left blogosphere threw an apoplectic fit. No biggie.

Personally, as much as I find Stephen Chapman more up my alley, I could care less. As far as I see it, it's just another target for me to take from the NYTimes op-ed page.

Via Reason, I came across a Slate article written by Jack Shafer defending the Kristol hiring.

Calling Kristol's addition to the page redundant because David Brooks, a former Weekly Standard-bearer, already works there reveals a lack of familiarity with both men's writings. Brooks is "pro-choice and pro-gay marriage," as Ross Douthat noted three years ago in the National Review. Kristol is neither. Brooks is a journalist first and always has been. Kristol is a political operator. Brooks tries to persuade his readers of his views gently, as if he's a guest in the house. Kristol lives to brawl and make enemies. To him, writing is fighting.

Good. Bring on the fight. Give NYTimes readers a swift kick in the ass. Hopefully, he'll send a few my way (albeit indirectly of course).

What fun is consistently reading people you agree with anyway?

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Donald Douglas said...

It matters, man!