Monday, December 10, 2007

Rediscovering an Old Love - Jazz Guitar

I've slowed down a bit on the blogging, part of being the holiday and the other part being that I rediscovered my love for learning jazz guitar so I spend very little time on blogging or commenting on other blogs in the evenings. The two hours or so I do have are better spent practicing chops, learning new licks, listening to music or studying music theory. I haven't decided how much, if any, I will blog about this subject, as it will probably be a bunch of YouTube clips of people I like with little substance to add. Also, it's not like discussing tritone substitutions will generate a whole lot of traffic.

Any fans of jazz guitar, or people looking to get into jazz guitar should seriously look into this box set. Four CDs with over 70 songs from just about jazz guitar giant imaginable. I damn near fainted when I saw this at the store. The box set spans from the more traditional jazz (bop, modal, swing), takes us into fusion, a few rock tunes (a la Jimi Hendrix's Manic Depression) and then into the more most modern/post-modern styles.

As an aspiring guitar player, it is a treasure trove of musical ideas, phrases and influences. Many of the people on the box set I've heard in the past but it has opened several more doors.

I can only say I regret not listening to Allan Holdsworth any sooner. His solo starts around 4:30 (although I put this up more for me than anyone else LOL).

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Anonymous said...

It is great to find fun and satisfaction in listening to and playing jazz. It is such a creative musical expression. I really enjoyed reading your blog about your newfound passion. Keep practicing. It is important for jazz musicians to be elquent in their interpretations, but that takes lots of practice. Too many jazz musicians are just producing lots of notes, no real body to the sound, no magic to the music.
Hey, Paul Seaforth is an awesome jazz musician in San Diego(trumpet, sax and vocals) and he has Peter Sprague (jazz guitarist) on his new album that is getting released this month. I just listened to some of the tunes, and they were great! You might want to cruz over to his site to have a listen. Enjoy, dude.