Friday, December 21, 2007

Are the same people who criticized some of Ron Paul's supporters...

going to be the same people who will now take aim at Mike Huckabee? Via Cato-at-Liberty:

I read in Robert Novak’s column this morning that Mike Huckabee held a fundraiser earlier this week at the Houston home of Dr. Steven Hotze. As Novak notes, Hotze is “a leader in the highly conservative Christian Reconstruction movement.”

Christian Reconstructionists, for those unfamiliar with the term, are Religious Right radicals who believe that America, and the rest of the world besides, should be governed in accordance with strict Biblical law. And yes, that includes stoning adulterers. Here’s a snippet from “A Manifesto for the Christian Church,” a 1986 document from an outfit called the Coalition on Revival that was signed by, among others, Steven Hotze:

We affirm that the Bible is not only God’s statements to us regarding religion, salvation, eternity, and righteousness, but also the final measurement and depository of certain fundamental facts of reality and basic principles that God wants all mankind to know in the sphere of law, government, economics, business, education, arts and communication, medicine, psychology, and science. All theories and practices of these spheres of life are only true, right, and realistic to the degree that they agree with the Bible.

For more, check out this audio clip of Hotze from back in 1990. Over the years, Hotze has achieved some prominence for his anti-abortion and anti-gay activism. Also, the good doctor appears to be a total quack.

Frankly, I have as much concern about the Christian Reconstructionists supporting Huckabee as I do fringe neo-Nazi groups supporting Ron Paul. The very odds of either of these groups having any influence are next to nothing. I'd also rather spend my time focusing on issues than wasting my time worrying about who is giving money to who, especially at this stage in the process.

For those who want to make fodder out of campaign contributors, consistency would suggest that it is time to send the nutjob police after Huckabee, although I doubt I'll see open letters anytime soon.

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