Saturday, November 10, 2007

They can't win...

About gays...

Here is a little gem Ed Brayton quotes on Dispatches from the Culture Wars and then proceeds to demolish thereafter. From the imitable Rick Scarborough:

Homosexuals are attempting to use the legislative process to bring their sexual practices and preferences into our workplace and discriminate against people of faith. They are attempting to do this under the disguise of a new employment discrimination law.

Remember, when gays go the courts to fight to get blatantly unconstitutional laws struck down, it's "judicial activism". We are then reminded that the "proper" approach is going through "legitimate" democratic processes. When that is done, the same group of, ahem, individuals, view this as an assault on their values.

The homophobic bigot mindset runs on the principle of mind over matter: if we mind, you don't matter.

I have little use for clowns like Rick Scarborough.

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KipEsquire said...

You should check out Bill O'Reilly's embarrassing performance on the lesbian girls voted voted "cutest couple." It's totally hysterical.