Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Supreme Court to Hear Landmark 2nd Amendment Case

Via Cato-at-Liberty, the Supreme Court will hear the case involving the constitutionality of Washington, DC's ban on guns. It will be a major victory for individual rights if the ban is overturned. I am hoping for that outcome.

Catohas some interesting commentary on Bob Levy, the scholar who has been instrumental in getting this case to the Supreme Court. In addition, the Center of Constitutional Studies has a variety of informative resources regarding The Second Amendment. The link above will send you in the right direction.

Also, an informative piece about the case and some of the players behind it is in this month's edition of the ABA Journal online (here).

The case is Parker v. District of Columbia


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

What if we don't win?
Then what?

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