Saturday, November 10, 2007

Laughter is the Best Medicine:

I have been feeling like crap for the better part of the last week, especially today. For a good ten minutes or so, I got to forget all about that. I was laughing so hard I was nearly in tears. Hat tip to KipEsquire, the Hero of the Day!:

Go here (I can't get this on my page...too bad)

What do I think could trigger such a response?

He hates the Iraq war. He hates the rest of our foreign policy. He pretty much thinks we shouldn't have a foreign policy. He hates our bloated and meddlesome federal government. (What's that they say about stuck clocks?) He hates abortion. He hates the Treasury and floating currency. Basically, he wishes it were 1796 and he could wear a powdered wig without being ridiculed in public.

I was going to offer up the suggestion for a tin foil hat, but I think I really like this instead. Silence from certain segments of the political blogosphere would be a welcome thing, at least until my headache goes away.

My type of humor.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your so easily fooled by the liberal propaganda thesis that the New Deal represented progress, and anything that tries to reverse the New Deal is moving backwards.

I believe that establishing the gold standard would be a step forwards, civil liberties are also a futurist idea along with the genuinly progressive notion of abolishing the drug war.

The New Deal was tremendous state backwards for America. We were on the path to implementing the Enlightenment when fascist forces asserted themselves and took us backwards to more totalitarian times, to the bad old days when the state, and it's king, owned you.

Remember that, New Deal backwards, its reversal takes us forward.

East Coast Libertarian said...

I think that first paragraph may land you in the same situation as that guy complaining about Iceland and Greenland.

You post anonymously. Do I know you?