Monday, November 26, 2007

The Cato Supreme Court Review now available


I like reading these articles. It demonstrates how little I really know about law.

In any event, I spent a few minutes going through Brannon Denning's article, which is an alternative opinion of Gonzales v Carhart. It is a rather interesting analysis of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban under the Commerce Clause framework put forth in U.S. v Morrison and U.S. v Lopez.

While I know what these cases represent, I am not fully up to speed on the doctrine put forth in those cases. That said, I gleaned enough to enjoy the analysis.

I plan on reading through the rest of these in the coming months, although political blogging and jazz guitar keep me away from any semblance of legal blogging.


KipEsquire said...

Now that you've read the Denning article, do you understand the "World Without Roe" lie about "sending it back to the states"? ;-)

East Coast Libertarian said...

Well Kip,

I'd have to say I don't quite get it in that context...yet, but I absolutely agree with your premise.

I will re-read and come back with something.

Have I disagreed with you in the past about this? I do recall that I might have made a few statements about abortion going back to the states. If I have, I would disagree with my own statements.